Saturday, March 26, 2005


internal war

well i must commend all of you for taking the time to at least examine 9/11.thankyou..your freedoms may ride upon your diligence.for what its worth here's my take.the stockmarket slump pre- 9-11 was the signal for the wtc catastrophe to be initiated.these slumps are messages"to do or else".from what i can deduce at this time it seems all the strikes were surgical and not random.arabs were patsies.internal war over money system.we lost again.adversaries very powerful..we need your{readers} least keep up the lively discussions and don't go back to sleep.we we're trying to free ourselves and it sort of backfired.opponents have some technology that is very advanced.we are cavemen staring at the television in wonderment.maybe ask yourselves if not arabs then what were "they" after.were strikes random?if not....?this deception has been extant for eons.humble yourselves and keep asking questions.what exactly was the new command center in the pentagon to be used for?was the wtc strike specifically a diversion for what was going on on the 1st and basement floors of wtc?who could pull off such a thing?if you were told the truth could you realize it or would cognitive dissonance rule? thankyou for your time taygeta

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